Tips for Applying to an Architecture Position

Tips for Applying to an Architecture Position

You found your dream job with the architecture firm you’ve always heard good things about. You applied for the position, but never heard back!

It can be frustrating to apply for an architecture position and get rejected, or never even receive a response from the firm. Rather than simply clicking the “Apply” button and crossing your fingers, here are a few tips to get your resume noticed by architecture firms.

Do Your Research

This may sound obvious, but make sure you know some basics about the firm you are applying for. Information like the size of the firm and their typical project types will aid you in the application process. Some people won’t do this essential step, and their generic applications will propel yours to the top of the list.

Thoroughly read the job description. Although many job descriptions are generic and read similarly, there will be some clues to help you identify the key skills the employer is seeking. Make note of the specific skills the employer is seeking.

Revise Your Resume

After you’ve learned more about the company and understand the unique skills they’re seeking, update your resume to highlight your strengths as a candidate. Submitting a resume tailored for a specific job will move you to the top of the list.

If you have some of the unique skills the company is seeking, highlight it on your resume. If you have experience with the types of projects they work on, make that experience stand out. A firm that focuses on healthcare projects may not care about your residential experience, so in cases like this, state your qualifications in general terms that can apply to all project types.

Apply Through Your Network

Once your resume is updated with specific skills and project information relevant to the hiring firm- you are ready to submit it!

If you have a friend or former colleague working at the hiring firm, ask them to forward your resume to the right person and put in a good word for you. This is a very effective way of getting attention on your resume along with a fantastic referral. Architecture firms love to hire employees through someone they know and trust. Many firms have a referral bonus, so your friend may get paid! You get the job, they get a referral bonus- it’s a win-win!

AEC Resources can also connect you with the area’s most sought after architecture firms. We work with most firms in the Twin Cities and can make the application process easy. As a bonus, we also assist with resume writing, so you are assured to have a stellar resume that will lead to an interview.