NCARB: Average Time to Licensure is 12.5 Years

NCARB: Average Time to Licensure is 12.5 Years

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) announced today that the time to licensure has dropped to an average of 12.5 years in 2016—that’s 9.6 months less than in 2015. The organization counts time to licensure from the moment that an individual enrolls as a student at school until they are fully licensed. Additionally, the latest report shows that newly licensed architects are eight months younger than the year prior, now averaging 32 years old.

“By updating our programs to reflect the realities of modern practice, candidates can now pursue licensure in a way that fits their lifestyle,” said NCARB president Kristine Harding, AIA, in a press release. “With guidance from our licensing boards, NCARB has been able to open doors to a new pool of candidates while maintaining the rigor needed to protect the public’s safety.”

The reduction in time needed to achieve licensure can likely be attributed to changes in NCARB’s Architectural Experience Program and Architect Registration Examination, which have been implemented over the last decade. Also, “This trend is driven by candidates completing the experience and examination programs concurrently and more quickly,” said the organization in its press release.

Courtesy: NCARB

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