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Recruiting Services

Your perfect candidate may already be hard at work- for someone else. AEC Resources can identify and connect your company to the hard-to-find talent that will be a perfect match for your specific needs.

Contract Staffing

Benefit from recruiting services and have the option to hire the temporary employee at any time. Fill short term needs with highly qualified candidates through AEC Resources.


Our payrolling solutions allows you to locate a potential hire through your own efforts, and leverage them on a contract basis through AEC Resources.

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Your perfect candidate may already be hard at work- for someone else. We can connect your company to highly desirable and hard-to-find talent.

With a proven recruiting process, industry networks and connections, as well as extensive training in the latest search technology and techniques, AEC Resources can identify and connect you with the ideal fit.

Gain access to a wide network of passive candidates who are very good at what they do but not actively seeking new employment; until we step in. Our team will identify, attract, evaluate, and secure the highest caliber talent for your particular position.


Our innovative search process offers unrivaled access to active and passive candidate pools. We put the right talent in place to drive projects forward.

Fill short term needs with qualified employees through our contract staffing services. Ramp up for a new project, hit a looming deadline, or supplement your current team. Hiring individuals on a contract basis helps you adjust to spikes in workload, while allowing for easy adjustment of workforce in slow periods.

Contract-to-hire staffing is an effective strategy for testing a potential employee’s fit. Observe and evaluate performance while the candidate stays on our payroll for a period of time before transitioning to yours.

Say goodbye to work fluctuation nightmares with contract staffing from AEC Resources.

Temp Help

This is a great option to leverage our recruiting services, test the individual’s professional and cultural fit, and then decide whether or not to hire permanently.

Have you located a potential hire through your own efforts but wanted to try them out before hiring, or leverage them on a contract basis?

The payrolling solutions offered by AEC Resources manages and holds the liability for your contingent workforce. We handle workers compensation, unemployment claims, insurance coverage, benefits, time-keeping, tax withholdings and reporting.

We will customize a process that integrates with your current workforce solution, or combine best practices to create a simple process for saving you time, money, and mitigate risk.

AEC Resources will free up hours of your day to allow you to focus on meeting deadlines, keeping clients happy, and winning new work.


Sometimes you don’t require help recruiting talent for your projects, part-time position, or temporary staffing need. You know who you want to do the work. You just need a way to pay them.

If you are ready to win the war for talent, let us know what you need. We will respond with exceptional job candidates.

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